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Baseball Star

2 min read

My nephew Danny has recently been featured in his local towns paper for his baseball skills. It's pretty cool to see him getting press like this because he became a good 2 sport athlete at his school without following the normal path through youth sports.

As a kid he (and his also skilled brother) didn't play in youth sports leagues - they just played ball in the back yard. I'm not sure when Danny started playing in organized sports but, comparable to most kids these days, it was pretty late in his youth. So it is a little extra cool that he is doing so well now because, to me, it is a sign of his pure athleticism.

Unfortunately for me he lives way down south near Atlanta so I can't actually go and see him play. However, who knows, maybe he will play college ball too and I will get to see a game or two that way. I know if he does, wherever he ends up going, will be my new favorite team. Then, who knows, in a couple years when his younger brother graduates from high school, maybe I'll get to start following another school.

In the end though Danny is not only a good athlete he is a good student and, based on what I know about him, his education will be his priority in school regardless of the sport he plays (or doesn't). I wish him the best.