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It sucks when the Onion is right

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The Onion, a satirical news site, is usually just funny. But, sometimes, they are right and it isn't funny at all. You've probably seen the Onion article before - "'No Way To Prevent This,' Says only Nation Where This Regularly Happens'." Every time there is a tragic mass shooting in America this article is posted on Facebook. I used to kind of sadly chuckle but I don't anymore. It's a pattern. With each subsequent event the article just becomes more and more accurate.

I don't really have anything new or useful to say about the Orlando shooting. My talking about it isn't going to help anyone, but me, deal with it. Yet, I still think I need this cathartic release. I hear that some people refuse to accept this is the new norm. I think they are deluded. It is the norm. Someone, either medically diagnosed as mentally unstable, or someone religiously mentally unstable; goes out, gets some guns, and kills people for no real reason. It is America. As American as apple pie and the subsequent argument about why any and all efforts to stop them are the liberal lefts attempts to shit on the constitution by wanting better gun control.

Social Media makes these events far worse for me. I end up seeing the cold heartless posts about how great guns are while there are still people dying in the hospital. I see that by not posting some meaningless message about hopes and prayers for those in Orlando that I am not a worthwhile human. I see that this was all caused by us living in a "Godless Society". I see all sorts of shit. None of it means anything; just like this blog post.

I don't really mind, too much, that average citizens have useless comments about the tragedy. I figure they are just trying to understand it just like I am. But our politicians; those who are supposed to lead us - they need to shut the fuck up and do something. They need to stop making sure the Onion is right. There are ways to prevent this kind of shit from happening. We should all be pissed that they aren't. But, of course, we NEED our guns right.. I mean, if only everyone in that club had been carrying then only one or two people would have died! That is, of course, complete bullshit.

Now, if the idiot who killed those poor people had just had a knife only a couple people would have, maybe, died. Or, more than likely, he never would have gone to the club in the first place because he wouldn't have felt empowered to kill people. A knife just doesn't give you the same sense of confidence in your hand as a gun. I doubt gun advocates will admit it out loud but when you have a gun in your hand you feel pretty fucking empowered. I've never felt particularly powerful sitting over a steak getting ready to slice it up with a sharp knife.

It doesn't matter though. Nothing is going to change. Sure, there will be gnashing of teeth and rending of garments or other public displays of anger but that's about it. Then, in a month or so some other group of people are going to be killed (maybe it will be in the news, maybe not) and we'll continue to carry on with the status quo because that's what we do.

Trump will continue to talk about blocking Muslims from coming in the country (which would have had ZERO effect on this event), Obama will continue to say he is pissed off, people on facebook will continue to say "Guns are Great!" and others will say "Ban Guns" and nobody will actually do anything and more people will die. It is the new normal.

Love doesn't conquer hate. Love doesn't go into a club with a gun and kill people. Hate does. Hate kills love every fucking time. If love was ever going to win it would have by now. The people in that club were love and hate showered them with bullets.

It seriously sucks that the Onion is right.