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Pumpkin Carvings 2010 Edition

2 min read

Last night we sat down to do our annual pumpkin carving.  As usual we all enjoyed ourselves and, I think, we had some pretty creative pumpkin efforts even if they didn't turn out exactly like we had hoped/expected.

Emily is finally getting to the point where she is strong enough to do some of the cutting herself so she managed to cut out one of her pumpkin eyes before needing help.  Shannon is finally able to attempt to express her creativity in her carving and this year she gave herself the difficult task of carving the Pillsbury Dough Boy into her gourd.  Lisa decided to get a bit retro and she created a hippy pumpkin with a big peace symbol for an ear.    Meanwhile, I decided to try for my most detail oriented pumpkin yet and I attempted to carve out the Cat in the Hat.

We don't have any cool special tools like a dremel to do these with; we use a razor blade, a grapefruit spoon, and some old broken up pumpkin carving saws that came in a kit.  Needless to say our tools aren't really quite sufficient for the job all the time but I'm still happy with how they all came out.

Here's a slideshow of the pumpkins both in daylight and glowing at night.  Enjoy.