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Career Transitions

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I recently made the most difficult decision of my adult life; I resigned from my position at Strictly Business (SBCS) in order to accept a position at Marshall University. I have loved working at Strictly. It has been, quite frankly, a fantastic experience and I have been surrounded by a group of wonderful people. It is difficult to leave and I will miss working with my many friends and working for an amazing boss (and friend).

My career is now basically a two act play. The first act, with Strictly, encompassed the past 12 years of my life. That's three times longer than I had ever lived anywhere prior to starting at Strictly. While at SBCS I learned an enormous amount and I leave behind some great software developers who all taught me many things during my time there. I also had opportunities I never imagined I would have. I went to Hong Kong, London, New Orleans and celebrated the Saints winning the super bowl all while working on some incredibly interesting and oftentimes challenging projects. I can't understate how great Strictly was for, and to, me.

Next week I will relax and enjoy the intermission before I start the second act doing systems integration at Marshall. I'm fortunate that I already know, and have a friendship with, some of the people I will be working with at Marshall. I look forward to the different types of development I'll get to do including mobile application development that I just never had a chance to tackle at Strictly. I like to think that this move is a natural progression and I am eager to start making a positive impact at Marshall. I'm nervous but excited. I'm happy for this new opportunity but still a little sad at leaving SBCS.

It's an exciting time for me.