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Simplo and Nova Launcher - a Solid Combination

1 min read

I updated my phone's launcher this week to the latest beta version of Nova Launcher.  It is all "Material Design" and is pretty slick.  I really like it but the home screen needed a little love.  That's when I discovered the Simplo Icon Pack.  Now, for the first time since I got my Galaxy S5, I'm really digging the main user interface.

Check it out:

Android with Nova Launcher and Simplo Icons

It's just about perfect for me.  Plus thanks to Nova I can define different gestures to launch certain things.  For instance, a single finger swipe up will launch the Google Now interface of the Google Search App.

Honestly, I think this might be my favorite combination of launcher and icons since I started using Android.  Now, if only I could really get the feel of Zooper I could create some cool widgets that would really ice the cake of the look and feel.

Here are some other people's screens that I really like:

Golden with Zooper

Alpine Incline

Pink Lotus

You can see a bunch of other screenshots that people have posted in the Google+ community for Nova Launcher