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A settled nomad living on the edge of Appalachia. I love to listen to music, spend time with my family, and play sports. I'm lucky enough to write code for a living. I'm often accused of having no "filter" as I tend to overshare. I make beer on occasion and try to sample new beers whenever I can.$BillRawlinson

No More Homework

1 min read


Art by Shannon.  This cracked me up.

Hopefully it is clear enough to read.

EDIT: oh, well, I just looked at this on a normal screen and the photo sucks. I'll try to get a better copy uploaded tomorrow or the next day.

Shannon Sculpted a Flower

1 min read


For Christmas Shannon received some sculpting clay and a book teaching her some sculpting techniques. Her first creation was this flower with a small worm on it.

Awesome isn't it?

Shannon the "Sculptor"

2 min read

Today Shannon competed in a pumpkin decorating contest at the nearby Milton Pumpkin Festival. The pumpkin festival is kind of a big deal around here in small town WV and thousands of people attend each year. In fact, the only time I hit a traffic jam each year is when trying to get to this festival. I don't know how many kids, in her age group, showed up today to decorate pumpkins but Lisa figures there were close to 100. The rules were pretty simple: you can decorate your pumpkin with only natural (possibly edible) items. Anything else automatically disqualifies your pumpkin from judging.

So, after disqualifications there were about 50 valid pumpkins. Shannon's pumpkin was a pig. She used sweet potatoes to make ears, marshmallows to make eyes and a mouth, and a cucumber to shape the nose. She also included a spiral tail she peeled off of a carrot. Her pig wasn't an ordinary mud wallowing pig though - oh no - it was a pretty little girl pig so she also included some flowers in her hair and some dangly earrings made of raisins. Overall it's a fairly cute little pig.

Now, you might think I'm biased (and you'd be right) however, the judges agreed and she won first place in her age group! That's right baby - Shannon is the #1 second grade pumpkin decorator in this part of WV! She was awarded a $7 cash prize and a medal. Boo yah!

Five Year Old Anime

1 min read

IMG_4817.JPGI'm not a huge fan of manga or anime so if you are, and I'm misusing the terms, cut me some slack. Shannon spent a bit of time drawing this morning created this, anime-like self-portrait. She loves to draw and is regularly drawing people and things however this drawing is definitely an improvement on her normal style. Because of this I have started a new online photo album of bits of art she creates. As of this post this drawing is all that is in it. However, if you want to see it in a larger size you can (just click on the image)